curry leaf


Curry Leaf Plant

When you get your plant.

  • Put water in the bag and spray some water on the leaves as the plant may have dehydrated.
  • Make sure the pot it is going into has potting soil and compost/manure and is watered well.
  • When you put the plant into the pot, make sure you remove any air pockets, I normally flood the pot and let the pot drain out.
  • Put it in an area where it gets morning sun and shaded in afternoon/evening sun
curry leaf

Looking after the plant

  • Feeding: – organic liquid fertilizer/food is best, understand issues re odor of fertilizer, but any good general-purpose feed will do.
  • If the leaves are not getting dark green, the soil may be lacking iron, so add iron to soil
  • Bugs: – Use organic spray on regular basis to keep them at bay. But if you get bugs, best to take some dish washing up liquid in water and wash down the leaves and barks. If you see it is very badly infected then remove leaves, may be scary to make the plant bare of leaves but I assure you it will grow back. It is recommended that after any stress on the plant, put aspirin tablet in the plant, I get funny looks when I mention this, but the chemical in the aspirin helps the plant, I am sure you can search this.
  • Epsom salt is also good to condition soil
  • Watering: – In summer every 2-3 days, use finger check, water if you do not feel damp soil ¾” to 1” from top. In winter once a week is good, unless you have the plant in greenhouse.
  • Plant should not be exposed to temperature below 42F
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